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An Artist’s Journey: Mythologies, Vernacular, and Accessibility. An Interview with Dushyant Patel

Art Historian and Writer Ratna Patel interviews painter and print-maker Dushyant Patel at his Vadodara studio. They talk about his paintings, his interest in reading and his print studio. Dushyant Patel is a Vadodara based artist. As a painter-printmaker, he has a strong command over technique and skill. This enables his practice to delve into […]

An Artist’s Journey: Drawing, Social Interactions and Satire. An Interview with Nikhil Purohit

Recent Art History Graduate Vaidehi Gohil interviews Artist and Researcher Nikhil Purohit at his Mumbai studio. They talk about his drawings, his position of a Kirtankar, and his research interests. Vaidehi Gohil (VG): Could you talk to us about the drawing series Ontological Rhapsody? Nikhil Purohit (NP): After attending to some family crisis, I had […]

Is Art Education Necessary for Indian Kids?

Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik discusses the role of Art Education for school going children in India. “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso A kid is putting his creative imaginations on his class-taste answer sheet and getting an incessant scolding from his teachers and parents––it […]

Negotiating the Post-Colonial Identity in Jyoti Bhatt’s works

This is a painting by Artist Jyoti Bhatt titled A-B-ZEE of My India,

Leo Tolstoy while talking about art says, “What translates infectiously from the artistic expression to the viewer is feeling”. It is this infectiousness of the artistic expression is what attracts the viewer to a work of art. It was this aspect of Jyoti Bhatt’s work that drew me when I was only six years old. […]