About Artist's Practice

Subrat Kumar Behera’s, B. 1988, practice oscillates between art as a personal story and a universal credence. This comes from his childhood experience of listening to his grandmother’s stories of Indian mythology, Panchatantra tales and so on. His process of choosing events, specific people, characters, iconography, monuments, etc. at times is quite clinical. During this selection process, he is well aware of what, why and when is he eliminating a character or an event. In addition, this elimination aids him in manipulating characters and the outcome of certain events. This elimination is very important for his process. The subjectivity of the present work is born out of early modern and contemporary history. Events and periods in history like the industrial revolution, colonial expansion, the fall of colonial expansion, the feminist movements which gave way for LGBT movements and racial freedom, environmental movements, the white and green revolutions, globalization, the fall of the soviet union which inadvertently gave a huge blow to communism and socialism, the rise of radicalism and terrorism, rise of China and so on become very important for the making of a modern day mythology.

He has pursued his art from B.K. College of Art, Bhubaneshwar and M.S. University Baroda. He lives and works from Baroda.

Works by Subrat Kumar Behera

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