Litholekha is a specialised printmaking studio based in Baroda. A first of its initiative in India which looks into the practice, research and curation of Lithography technique of printmaking. The studio is founded by Subrat Kumar Behera – a visual artist whose practice is governed by Lithography. It is his idea and vision that has shaped the physical presence of the studio. Herein Astanzi plays the role of programming and curatorial support.  

The studio facilities include a lithography press, and other tools necessary for the medium. For the next couple of sessions, we shall be inviting artists to explore the medium of lithography while providing them the necessary technical assistance. The aim of these sessions is to provide access for medium based exploration.

The larger aim of the studio is to look into the practice of Lithography printmaking via research, and curatorial interventions; whereby one can look at the possibility of dissecting the ethos of the purpose of printmaking. In other words, to look at the possibility of printmaking through the lens of a medium of expression and/or the poetics of expression itself; rather than a medium which aids reproduction or multiplicity.

We look forward to engage visual practitioners, researchers, curators, conservators, etc who would be able to bring in interventions with their specific skill sets towards the studio’s programming vision. We aim to facilitate this through grants and project based initiatives.

We are open to suggestions, ideas, and projects from practitioners looking to explore this medium.

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