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Mapping Memories: On Reality, Time, and News worthiness. An Essay on Artist Yogesh Ramkrishna.

This artwork is by South Asian Indian Artist Yogesh Ramkrishna. His works are available for buying online on the Art Gallery website Astanzi.

Kadamboor Neeraj looks at the works of Yogesh Ramakrishna vis-a-vis visual narrative traditions. Yogesh’s graphic novels, with energetic figures in action –  are a nod in favor of the representational tendencies of Baroda, although this is something he has carried forward from his undergrad days at Mumbai. Before we begin addressing the visuals and narrative […]

An Artist’s Journey: In search of Oral Histories, Language, and Form. An Interview with Subrat Kumar Behera

Recent Art History Graduate from Baroda, Saumya Aggrawal interviews Artist Subrat Kumar Behera at his studio in Vadodara. They talk about his practice, his love for storytelling, his Lithography initiative and his approach to painting. Saumya Aggarwal(SA): Can you tell me a bit about your work? What is it that you are keen to explore? […]