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Yogesh Ramkrishna

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Born on August 16th, 1991 in Maharashtra


Academic Qualification:-

2016 – M.V.A. in Graphics at  M.S. University, Vadodara, Gujarat.

2014 – B.F.A. in Painting at Sir J J School Of Art, Mumbai, Maharashtra.




2017 – “Don’t believe me! I am telling the Truth!”, solo at the Art Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda, Gujarat.


Group Exhibitions:

2019 – “Cartography of Narratives”, Bikaner House, Gallery Lattitude 28, Delhi.

2019 – “Minotaur”, Gallery Dhi Art Space, Hyderabad, Telangana.

2018 – “Babur Ki Gai”, curated by Advait Singh, Gallery Lattitude 28, Delhi.

2018 – “Anthology of the Annex”, The Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2017 – “Unfold Voyage”, Kanoria Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2016 – “Two zero one six”, Priyashri Art Gallery, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2016 – “XII Originals”, Art Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Vadodara, Gujarat.

2016 – “A Confluence of Reformations”, Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, Maharashtra.



2018 – “Indo-Comic Festival”, Participation through FICA, Delhi.

2017 – “International print exchange IPEP ” selection with the theme Stories of Homeland, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Fellowships and Scholarships:-

2019 – Travel Grant for Black Church Print Studio Residency at Ireland by Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi.

2017 – Young Artists Scholarship in the field of Graphics, by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi.

2016 – “Kanoria Centre of Arts”, fellowship residency in Graphics, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Art Camps, Residencies, and Workshops:-

2019 – Black Church Print Studio Residency at Dublin, Ireland.

2019 – Space Studio Residency, Vadodara, Gujarat.

2018 – The Storytellers workshop organized by FICA and Serendipity Arts Festival, Delhi.

2017 – Kooshk India-Iran Cultural exchange residency, Tehran-Iran.

2017 – CHHAAP printmaking residency, Vadodara, Gujarat.

2016 – Khoj Peers Share Programme, Delhi.

2015 – Futur Foundation Workshop, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2014 – Lalit Kala National Lithograph Camp, Vadodara, Gujarat.

2013 – National Camp, Organized by CAVA School of Art and Gov. of India, Mysore, Karnataka



2019 – Black Church Print Studio Award for Printmaking, Dublin, Ireland.

2017 – India Art Awards, for Graphic Printmaking, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2016 – Purushottum Annual Merit Award for Graphic Printmaking, Vadodara, Gujarat.

2016 – Bombay Art Society, Award for Graphics, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2016 – Futur Foundation, Switzerland, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“Humans live through their myths and only endure their realities”

                                                                                              -Robert Anton Wilson

My art practice is marked methodologies of re-evaluating history at the border between truth and fiction. I employ a wide range of mythological propaganda resulting in dream-like visuals where fantasy and reality coexist.

In ancient India, storyteller called ‘Vyasa’ used to travel through various places to explore various myths and tales from the past. These narrative stories were created to explain natural occurrences, values of life, way of maintaining the structure of society through assigning supernatural powers to humans and their behaviors to reveal the treasure of good life through these fantasy narrations.

I took forward this practice of storytelling by placing myself at the seat of storyteller along with exploring multiple places to create my ultimate tale which reveals various structures of societies, socio-political conditions, impacts of religious believes and rituals to the mentality of people. These fantasized myths carry their importance in addressing the various issues, behaviors, and livings of the certain part of people along with self-created heroic characters solving these problems hypothetically in my storylines. These characters are site-specific created with the inspirations from the locality. Storylines are designed through the research of oral histories from the locals, presence of achieves at the site, self-experiences or self-observations, present religious and political behaviors from the site.

I create my own characters like legends for my storyline who serves as rays of confidence and belief within a society, rescuing from danger, and providing a blueprint for behavior that is deemed acceptable by the group.

In my recent body of work, I was dealing with the various self-experiences, myths, local tales along with difficulties, adopted lifestyle, faced harsh incidents of various outer state people from the city of Baroda, Gujarat. These people came with their own culture, beliefs, rituals, and understanding of society and struggled badly to make their own space in this new environment. My recent works serve as an archive and a voice of those unsettle, unspoken incidents faced by these people also local-political power games existed in society.

My heroic character named “Hatash Man” inspired from the famous local poet ‘Sachin Ketkar’ (who is also addressing these issues through his poetry), who gives hypothetical solutions to these obstacles in my works.

Travelling, site visits, local interaction with people, local stays, cultural exchanges become important fragments of my work process. Works deal with historical, cultural and interactive research of the particular area to bring out the importance of various believes, local myths, story tales, rituals and their presence in the present society. Outputs serve as analyzed documentation of various folklores and believe in the form of visual archive. Use of texts and titles explores the vast meaning of the research content through my perspective however I always been very careful in not to disrespects any one’s feelings or culture.

-Yogesh Ramkrishna