Ars Moriendi

While the manuscripts of ‘Ars Moriendi’ prescribed the way of dying peacefully as per religious norms, these artists bring out the exact opposite reality of the age: the scientific investigation of the body in Aditya’s oil on canvas works, the pursuit of an evocative, yet non-representational expression of gruesome disfiguration in Jahangir’s highly textural enamel works, and a concocted tale of discovery of a dead body in a canal using the artist’s self-portrait, in the oil paintings by Shreya. The painterly works of Aditya Puthur, Jahangir Patel and Shreya Shukla look at the flesh and body of the deceased as the mortal site of occurrence, from diverse narrative perspectives.

While Aditya is interested in hyper-realistic rendition of the visceral internal organs of the life-less body, Jahangir tries to internalize the pathological pain of the body constituted by flesh and blood. On the other hand, Shreya’s works in the exhibition, employ a fictional narrative of death to engage with the idea of philosophical suicide.