Memento Mori

Memento Mori refers to the artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death, which historically took the forms of architectonic tombs, murals, paintings, prints and well-crafted small personal objects across cultures.

Audio-visual documentation of the sculptural installations, videos, and drawings, of Ankit, Ushnish and Veda, explore different trajectories of death, ranging from the personal to the ecological. Their works serve as conceptual artistic reminders about the absolute certainty of death. 

Ankit’s site-specific multi-media installation along with drawings, re-explore the aesthetics of Vedic death-rituals in a secular context.

Veda’s sculptural installation, videos and drawings reflect on the phenomenon of rigor-mortis or the post-mortem stiffening of the body muscles due to chemical changes in myofibrils (a basic rod-like unit of a muscle cell). Ushnish Mukhopadhyay’s works range from drawings to animated videos with sound, to sculptural installations with electric circuits, following an archival logic of citation, seeking to forensically investigate the unnatural death of an individual.